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Notes: Looking away from farmer’s property at the drop zone and landing zone fields. The owner was a young boy during the war and gave the paratroopers water from the spigot on the property as they ran to their rally point.

Notes: Farmer labeled his roof to help paratroopers find landing zone.

Notes: Not sure why they were in Holland just after Market Garden. Can see planes in air. Gets at scale of war.

Notes: Both ends of Bridge Rest on River while Middle Section Broke and Fell into Neder River. Negative received 11/27/44. Probably captured around Market Garden.

Notes: You can see the chutes are different colors to designate different types of supplies. Ground is very flat and looks like England – it’s why Holland was chosen.

Notes: Bombers far into the horizon dropping supplies. Some chutes already on drop zone.

Notes: You can see 2 chutes coming out. Looks like they are turning to get out of area near Best.

Note: There are accounts from guys in the 44th of the flooded country in the Netherlands.

Notes: 44th narratives about seeing Dutch wave below. Quintessentially Dutch scene with windmills. People standing on base of windmill and on ground. Most Dutch farms had several farm houses clustered around windmill.

Notes: Labeled boundaries of drop zone and Paulshoef where the 506th landed and where 44th dropped supplies. Think the forest below is where we see some of the photos w/ bombers flying low over dense tree-filled area.

Notes: 44th BG dropped to the 101st (having trouble figuring out which it was).

Notes: 9/18/44. Not clear which of the drop zones the 44th went to.
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