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J-60 CF 44-10548 O+ 66th Jersy Jerrk landed at A-47 Orly, near Paris 16--01-45

Before raiding sub pens on the Atlantic coast of the continent

500 lb HT, sky marker, parachute flares are labelled falling from the bomber

Exact location unknown - some thought it might be near 100th BG airfield or keeper's cottage at Woodrising

Landles survived Shark crash landing at Woodchurch in #42-7549 on Scarborough crew

Faced with utter destruction - no survivors

Maybe after the 200 Mission Celebration

9 ambulances are visible on sick quarters site - the group of 7 are beside the base morgue - which still stands at Shipdham

Serial #42-100411E

March 18, 1943, B-24 #41-237745 is visible, as are Blackjack and SuzyQ

Bomb trailer hooked to a jeep, was used as base transport

Note: 1) Taken near Butts end of field 2) mud on either side of runway where bombers were easily stuck if they veered off the runway

25-page book capturing all the destruction seen while on the Trolley Mission. Click to view PDF.