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J-60 CF 44-10548 O+ 66th Jersy Jerrk landed at A-47 Orly, near Paris 16--01-45

500 lb HT, sky marker, parachute flares are labelled falling from the bomber

9 ambulances are visible on sick quarters site - the group of 7 are beside the base morgue - which still stands at Shipdham

Bomb trailer hooked to a jeep, was used as base transport

March 18, 1943, B-24 #41-237745 is visible, as are Blackjack and SuzyQ

Note: 1) Taken near Butts end of field 2) mud on either side of runway where bombers were easily stuck if they veered off the runway

Before raiding sub pens on the Atlantic coast of the continent

Exact location unknown - some thought it might be near 100th BG airfield or keeper's cottage at Woodrising

Maybe after the 200 Mission Celebration

25-page book capturing all the destruction seen while on the Trolley Mission. Click to view PDF.

Landles survived Shark crash landing at Woodchurch in #42-7549 on Scarborough crew

Faced with utter destruction - no survivors

Serial #42-100411E