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May have been same day Tom Holmes was hit in head

Notes: Hardstands could be miles from Tech Site for debriefing; they were in a 3-mile ring around the 3 runways that formed a triangle. Most of the boys are smiling ear to ear. In front center, one leans into another. Visible relief to be on ground.…

Trucks took the men to the briefing room, which was now set up for interrogation. Every crew was checked in by an S-2 clerk who verified each man's name and position. Any changes from the original crew load lists were reported on a "Sortie Record" to…

Notes: Sitting at rugged, homemade table. Still has Mae West vest on. Came right from bomber. One still wearing sunglasses. Crew of Jokers Wild. Dock Installations to support Russian land drive – bombed in Germany. Interrogator filling out a report…

Notes: Lots happening here. Interrogator intently focused on man talking to him. Man standing having a separate conversation. Man next to interrogator looks exhausted and eyes are glazed over. This man wearing a wedding ring. Coffee cups and snack on…

Notes: 1 still in sheepskins. Life Magazines cover the table. Boy in right hand corner looks like he’s struggling – doesn’t seem a part of conversation, jaw tensed. This debrief room nicer than some of the others.

Notes: Intelligence Officer meets them at interrogation – is handing (presume to be Pilot) a folder. Board on back shows the interrogator (intel officer), pilot name, and table number. (Consistent w/ other photo that shows interrogation with tables…

Notes: Coffee cups on table. Man in back right looks like he has broken nose w/ tape across. Looks like photos or maps on table. All different types of body language. Some gazing into space. Some intensely focused on conversation. See map in room.…
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