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Lt. Thomas Crew ETO 1945, Jack Butler holding paper, On Hardstand, Fueling Bomber, Final Briefing

Notes: Crews had to sign for the escape kits. If their bomber did not go down, escape kits were returned. They included drugs, money, etc. that needed…

Notes: Airmen wearing sheepskin hats. In different kind of chairs made of fabric.

Notes: Some on far right look terrified. Some on left smiling. Some with arms around each other. Some with arms crossed. Do appear to be listening…

Notes: Maps in background show topography of German cities. One man smoking w/ Mae West on. Second pointing intently at map.

Notes: Bomb Group not noted. Shows combat box. Right before going on mission. All dress in flying clothes.

Notes: Note projector. Very full room. Some have papers/packages of papers. Notice pistol strung on pants.

Notes: Massive map in briefing room. Shows arrows detailing exact route, as well as info about rendez-vous and where that should happen.

Notes: Projector in middle of aisle (probably to show maps/strike photos). Screen that can be pulled down over map for projector. Black curtains…

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