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Final briefing on hardstand before mission
Lt. Thomas Crew ETO 1945, Jack Butler holding paper, On Hardstand, Fueling Bomber, Final Briefing

Escape Kits Distributed to Crew in 91st BG Before Mission
Notes: Crews had to sign for the escape kits. If their bomber did not go down, escape kits were returned. They included drugs, money, etc. that needed to be held accountable.

Protestant Chaplain Opens Briefing with a Prayer for their Safety
Notes: Airmen wearing sheepskin hats. In different kind of chairs made of fabric.

303rd BG Briefing for Gunners
Notes: Some on far right look terrified. Some on left smiling. Some with arms around each other. Some with arms crossed. Do appear to be listening intently.

379th BG Study Map of Target Area Before Mission, June 1944
Notes: Maps in background show topography of German cities. One man smoking w/ Mae West on. Second pointing intently at map.

Instruction on Finer Points of Formation Flying to Bring .50 Cal Machine Guns in Interlacing Pattern
Notes: Bomb Group not noted. Shows combat box. Right before going on mission. All dress in flying clothes.

392nd Being Briefed for 1st Mission of D-Day. second photo is setting watches to exact same time
Notes: Note projector. Very full room. Some have papers/packages of papers. Notice pistol strung on pants.

Briefing Before Mission – 392nd, Not 44th
Notes: Massive map in briefing room. Shows arrows detailing exact route, as well as info about rendez-vous and where that should happen.

8th AF Base, 390th BG Briefing, June 21, 1944
Notes: Projector in middle of aisle (probably to show maps/strike photos). Screen that can be pulled down over map for projector. Black curtains pulled open. Used stick to point along route. Map on stand shows assemby points for formation.
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