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Nose Art


A bomber was officially known by a serial number, but its nose art told of its identity - its personality. Crews gave their bomber a moniker, which was painted on the nose of their B-24. Raunchy, naked pinups and crude analogies were commonplace in war.

353 different B-24 bombers cycled through the 44th Bomb Group in its 29 months of combat. Some of those bombers are included below:

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&quot;Patsy Ann II&quot;<br /><br />
&quot;Gum Chum&quot;<br /><br />
&quot;Channel Hopper&quot;<br /><br />
44th BG Nose Art - Patsy Ann II, Avenger 41-237885, Channel Hopper, ? Cum Chum

&quot;Kay Bar&quot;<br /><br />
&quot;Hairless Joe&quot;<br /><br />
&quot;Helen B Happy&quot;<br /><br />
&quot;Annie Oakley&quot;
44th BG Nose Art - Annie Oakley, Hairless Joe, Helen B Happy, Kay Bar, Feevin Wagon

&quot;Mighty Mouse&quot;<br /><br />
Serial #: 806
"Mighty Mouse" - Franks' AC and Crew from Stenstrom, Picked up at Stowe, Left at Prestwick, #806

&quot;Biscay Belle&quot;
"Biscay Belle" used for Anti Sub Patrol in the Atlantic on the Bay of Biscay.

&quot;Old Crow&quot;
Old Crow, 506th Squadron, Pictured with Crew Chief
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